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Other Resources

Anatomy Arcade (9-12)
Make basic human anatomy come alive through games, interactivities and video.
CK-12 (K-12)
A wide variety of subjects and resources for all ages.
ChooseMyPlate (K-12)
Learn to build healthy eating habits.
Coding (K-12)
A great option for students to practice computer science and block code.
Comic Books (K-5)
Allow students to use creative writing skills and illustrations to create their own comic. Print the template or just show for ideas. Comic Book Template
Cross-Curricular Opportunities (K-12)
Each day includes four separate learning experiences.
Human Anatomy (9-12)
Learn about the human anatomy.
Khan Academy (K-12)
Student suggestions - including a schedule for the day and activities.
Learn Zillion (K-12)
1,000 + instructional videos for math and ELA.
Manufacturing (9-12)
Welding Tips and Tricks
Meditation and Mindfulness (K-8)
Learn the fundamentals of meditation and mindfulness.
Oregon Trail Journal (4-5)
Let students pretend they are on an Oregon Trail journey and have them keep a journal. Oregon Trail Journal
Proquest Databases (6-12)
OSD libraries offer the Proquest database collection for research. The collection includes: Proquest Elibrary Culture-Grams SIRS Discoverer Learning Literature History Study Center
TedEd (6-12)
TedEd Talks - various subjects with lessons, questions and discussion topics.
World Book Online (6-12)
World Book online is a source for reading content for students of all ages and reading abilities. Students can find articles, utilize online dictionaries, complete educational games and activities, and access maps and timelines
myTRL (K-12)
All OSD students have full access to online materials/services at Timberland Regional Library, including research resources, eBooks, digital magazines, downloadable music, videos, and kids and teen homework help.

Special Education

It is important to keep consistency for your child during these challenging times. We recommend creating a daily routine for your child. The schedule can be flexible to meet the needs of your family. The resources below may be helpful to incorporate into a daily routine. We will continue to add resources, so please check back.
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association  (K-12)
The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association provides a wide range of resources to support speech and language development.
Do2Learn (K-12)
do2Learn provides a wide variety of tools including visual schedules, picture cards, communication prompts and more!
Fine and Gross Motor Calendar (K-12)
This daily calendar provides a daily fine motor and gross motor activity.
Lit 2 Go (6-12)
Lit2Go is a collection of free stories and poems. It includes audio and print versions, as well as student activities.
Living Well with Autism (K-12)
Living Well with Autism has several resources for families of students with special needs. This specific page has visual schedules to help with daily routines such as morning and evening routines.
OSPI Mathematics Resources (K-12)
OSPI has started creating a list of free math resources students can access during school closures. As they plan to update frequently, please continue to check back.
OSPI Social and Emotional Learning (K-12)
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is broadly understood as a process through which individuals build awareness and skills in managing emotions, setting goals, establishing relationships, and making responsible decisions that support success in school and in life. When we think of educating the whole child, their social and emotional development must be considered as a part of overall instruction.
PBIS World: Creating Individual and Creative Schedules (K-12)
PBIS World has a variety of helpful resources for educators and families. This specific page helps families and students by creating a schedule that meets their specific needs. Downloadable calendars, visual schedules, and ideas on how to best utilize these tools.
ReadWrite Think (K-12)
In the 'printouts' section of the ReadWriteThink website, they offer a wide variety of graphic organizers to support reading comprehension and writing.
Reading Rockets (K-5)
Reading Rockets provides tips for how to support struggling readers.
Sensory Based Activities for Home (K-12)
This list of sensory based activities can be completed in the home environment and adapted to the resources you have available. - Executive Functioning Strategies (K-12)
The "Executive Functioning Strategies for Your Child" section of the website provides organizational strategies and tips for Early Childhood learning through High School.